NMEC is dedicated

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The team at NMEC is dedicated to working with pupils, parents, staff and governors to generate a positive active learning environment; creating ongoing opportunities for everyone in the school community to discover, develop and achieve.

We firmly believe it is the right of everyone to achieve and that, given the right opportunity, everyone can.

By working closely as part of the school community we aim to ensure the potential within everyone is recognised, opportunities seized and ambitions fulfilled.

Through Our Work

Through our work with schools across the country we have seen this happen; where the whole community, pupils, parents, staff and governors have come together proactively to develop teaching and learning to ensure pupils gain and achieve all they can before moving on.

When it comes to the education of future generations one size does not fit all. We believe in an individually tailored approach to supporting school development and empowering everyone, leading to rapid and long-term success.


From the other sections you have been able to find out about us and what drives us. Here, we highlight some of the team’s key achievements and recognition received.

“The school places a great emphasis upon training & professional development for all staff. As a consequence, there exists a highly effective and committed workforce of professionals who feel fully accountable for children’s progress.”


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